Who We Are


— Gordon Shewach, CEO

When my business first took off, I realized I had enough work on the table to hire lots of additional database developers. With a little advertising, imagine how big the business could become … and how much money I could make! But I realized that once I started hiring lots of additional developers, my role would change and I would become a project supervisor, payroll manager, and sales agent. Those things are fine. I’ve done them in my previous career as an administrator at The University of Michigan.

But this is my dream job: I love the work, I work for myself, and there is no office politics. I don’t like being a project supervisor as much as I like doing the project and I hate office politics. Consequently, I’ve limited the client load and I’ve limited our development team to myself and just two additional developers.

I get to know my clients and their businesses very well. When clients call for support, I don’t start the conversation asking for a name and call back number. I know their database, their hardware and software, their network, AND their call back number.

So what do I do to maintain my dream job for years and years? I believe half our success is related to quality database development and IT support. I also believe that an equally important half is related to customer service. Our clients continue to work with us because we are easy to work with, patient, friendly, and most of all responsive to our clients’ needs.

Work ethic

We have a strong work ethic at A2 Data. That means having high availability to our clients — and their phone calls and emails get returned promptly. Work is completed on time and within budget and the quality of the job is of the utmost concern to us.

Volunteer Work

We are a community-minded company and have invested thousands of hours of volunteer time into causes and institutions we believe in:

  • Donate computers to families in need in Ann Arbor and Detroit
  • Ann Arbor Public Schools
  • Jazzistry
  • Washtenaw Literacy
  • Central Detroit Christian
  • Ann Arbor Recreation & Education
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